S. pombe gene characterisation progress since 2006; see the Gene Characterisation page for more details

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PomBase has several types of documentation and help to assist you in finding data, using tools and features, and more. The main Documentation page provides a convenient overview of the documentation available for PomBase gene pages, searches, and other features, as well as resources available as part of the Ensembl Genomes project. "Help" links throughout the gene pages link to relevant portions of the documentation. We also maintain a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

If you can't find what you need in the documentation or FAQ, you can ask about anything via the PomBase Helpdesk: go to the web form or email helpdesk@pombase.org. We also welcome suggestions that will improve or extend PomBase documentation.

About PomBase

PomBase is a comprehensive database for the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe, providing structural and functional annotation, literature curation and access to large-scale data sets


Friday, 27th Feb, 2015

Registration for Pombe 2015: 8th International Fission Yeast Meeting is now open at the conference web site, https://amarys-jtb.jp/web/Pombe2015/index.html

The registration deadline is 17 May 2015.

Thanks to Yasushi Hiraoka for this item.

Tuesday, 17th Feb, 2015

We have updated the data available on the PomBase web site to include manual curation through February 2, 2015, including 245 community-curated publications. On the gene pages, the interaction tables now provides a bit of descriptive text for each annotation, indicating the nature and direction of the interaction.

Tuesday, 27th Jan, 2015

We have updated the data available on the PomBase web site to include manual curation through January 12, 2015, including 240 community-curated publications. The gene page Phenotype section now features a compact default display. A downloadable "viability summary" data file is now available. The PomBase BLAST server has incorporated interface changes made Ensembl-wide.