Fission Yeast GO slim terms

The table below shows terms in the current fission yeast biological process GO slim, and the number of annotations to each term. GO IDs link to the QuickGO browser, where you can explore the ontology and annotations further. Icons beside each GO term link to esyN, which provides a graphical view of interactions for the genes from the PomBase High Confidence Physical Interaction Network (HCPIN) dataset. Only the subset of genes linked into the interaction network will be displayed in the esyN network view. The annotation totals link to pages with information about the term and a list of annotated genes.

Further information is available from:

Note that both proteins and RNAs can be annotated to GO terms, and the tables on this page include annotated RNAs. For some GO terms, notably 'cytoplasmic translation', RNAs make up a significant proportion of the total annotated genes.

NameTermGenesPhysical interaction network
DNA recombinationGO:0006310122esyN
DNA repairGO:0006281171esyN
DNA replicationGO:0006260118esyN
actin cytoskeleton organizationGO:003003697esyN
ascospore formationGO:003043757esyN
carbohydrate derivative metabolic processGO:1901135269esyN
carbohydrate metabolic processGO:0005975210esyN
cell adhesionGO:000715524esyN
cell wall organization or biogenesisGO:0071554108esyN
cellular amino acid metabolic processGO:0006520172esyN
chromatin organizationGO:0006325282esyN
cofactor metabolic processGO:0051186175esyN
conjugation with cellular fusionGO:0000747111esyN
cytoplasmic translationGO:0002181469esyN
establishment or maintenance of cell polarityGO:000716373esyN
generation of precursor metabolites and energyGO:000609181esyN
lipid metabolic processGO:0006629226esyN
mRNA metabolic processGO:0016071255esyN
meiotic nuclear divisionGO:0007126114esyN
membrane organizationGO:0061024173esyN
microtubule cytoskeleton organizationGO:000022669esyN
mitochondrion organizationGO:0007005302esyN
mitotic cytokinesisGO:0000281104esyN
mitotic sister chromatid segregationGO:0000070187esyN
nitrogen cycle metabolic processGO:007194116esyN
nucleobase-containing small molecule metabolic processGO:0055086185esyN
nucleocytoplasmic transportGO:0006913110esyN
peroxisome organizationGO:000703121esyN
protein catabolic processGO:0030163183esyN
protein complex assemblyGO:0006461158esyN
protein foldingGO:0006457100esyN
protein glycosylationGO:000648670esyN
protein maturationGO:005160447esyN
protein modification by small protein conjugation or removalGO:0070647170esyN
protein targetingGO:0006605151esyN
regulation of mitotic cell cycle phase transitionGO:1901990157esyN
regulation of transcription, DNA-templatedGO:0006355386esyN
ribosome biogenesisGO:0042254340esyN
snoRNA metabolic processGO:001607431esyN
tRNA metabolic processGO:0006399166esyN
telomere organizationGO:003220045esyN
transcription, DNA-templatedGO:0006351480esyN
transmembrane transportGO:0055085338esyN
vesicle-mediated transportGO:0016192320esyN
vitamin metabolic processGO:000676640esyN