Ontology Term Page

For each ontology term loaded into PomBase, a page summarizes essential details about the term, and lists genes annotated to it or its descendants:

ontology term page

  1. Ontology term details. The term's name and, where applicable, ID, definition and synonyms are shown.
  2. Links to external browsers are available for some ontologies. GO and FYPO terms have links to BioPortal, and GO term pages also link to AmiGO and QuickGO. SO IDs link to MISO.
  3. Link to the Advanced Search with the gene list (see 4 below) loaded into the Gene ID filter.
  4. List of genes annotated to the term or its descendants.

Ontology term pages are available for GO, FYPO, SO, PSI-MOD and PBO. The internal ontology we use for phenotype experimental conditions, PECO, has minimal term pages with term names and IDs.