Links in the table go to web pages, except where "ftp" indicates that they go directly to ftp site directories. Note that the ftp subdirectories are organised slightly differently from the links on this page. If you have rouble finding anything, please ask the helpdesk.

ftp site S. pombe ftp site root directory
DNA sequence and feature datasets GFF files of sequence feature coordinates; files with genome sequence (FASTA), features (GFF), or both (EMBL, GenBank, enriched EMBL for Artemis), plus others (UTR, CDS, links to other files at Ensembl Genomes)
CDS coordinates Chromosomal coordinates of protein coding sequences - CDS only, or exons
Protein datasets Protein sequence FASTA database, peptide features, properties, etc.
GO annotations Gene ontology annotation files
Macromolecular complexes Subunits of protein and ribonucleoprotein complexes (GO cellular component terms and annotated genes; ftp)
HCPIN datasets Physical interaction and GO substrate data that make up the High Confidence Physical Interaction Network datasets (ftp)
Phenotype annotations FYPO phenotype annotation files - complete annotation set (PHAF) or viability summary
Modifications Protein modification data file (RNA modifications to be added in future; ftp)
Intron data Intron sequence and data
Data mappings Mappings of CDS (protein coding sequence) by systematic ID to gene names or UniProt accession numbers
Orthologs Manually curated ortholog sets for human and S. cerevisiae
Telomeres Telomeric sequence
Centromeres Centromeric sequence and maps
Mating Type Region Links to genome browser for 972 h- (chromosome 2 coordinates) and h+ (mating region contig)
Cosmid assembly data Chromosome tiling paths from genome sequence assembly

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