How can I find S. pombe genes associated with human disease?

S. pombe genes whose human orthologs have been implicated in disease are annotated with terms from the internal PBO vocabulary. To retrieve all of these genes, you can use the most general "disease associated" term. To do the query manually:

  1. Go to the Advanced Search (
  2. Find the term:
    1. Select the 'PBO Term Name' filter, start typing 'disease associated', and choose 'disease_associated' from the autocomplete options; or
    2. Select the 'PBO ID' filter and enter 'PBO:5000000'.
  3. Submit the query.

You can also type all or part of specific disease name (e.g. 'cancer') into the 'PBO Term Name' filter to see if any matches come up in the autocomplete suggestions. Also see the FAQs on finding genes conserved in human, finding the ortholog of a specific gene, and on downloading the full set of curated orthologs.

Example queries: