esyN network visualizations in PomBase

Thu, 2014-12-11

PomBase has implemented network visualisations for fission yeast in esyN, using data curated by BioGRID and PomBase. esyN is a web-based tool for building, sharing, and viewing network data developed by Dan Bean and Giorgio Favrin in the Cambridge Systems Biology Centre, University of Cambridge, UK.

On gene pages, we have links to gene-specific interaction networks in esyN in the table headers of the Interactions sections:

  • The Genetic Interactions section links to all interactions centred on the gene and curated in BioGRID
  • The Physical interactions section has links to two datasets:

We also have esyN links on the GO Slim page and on ontology term pages for GO Slim biological process terms. Each GO Slim term links to the HCPIN physical interaction network in esyN (for example, see the "regulation of mitotic cell cycle" network).