PomBase web site fully live

Mon, 2012-07-02

We are pleased to announce that the PomBase web site, www.pombase.org, is now fully live; the preview phase has ended. The site has been updated with an assortment of new features, datatypes, and bug fixes.

More recent data, reflecting additions and changes through March 20, 2012, are now available on gene pages and in search results.

The updated site features a Gene List Search that provides behavior equivalent to GeneDB's List Download. You can now type or paste lists into the Gene Systematic IDs and Gene Names filters, and use the Query History to combine a gene list search with other search options. For convenience, there is a direct link to a search page pre-configured to accept a list of systematic IDs available in the Find menu, on the Find page, and here: http://www.pombase.org/spombe/query/builder?filter=12

The Advanced Search also now offers:

  • options to search GO, FYPO, and other ontologies by term name or ID;
  • autocomplete for ontology term name search;
  • ability to search for genes in a region, such as centromeres or telomeres;
  • improved organization of filter selections.

We have also fixed a Sequence Download error reported by some users, so that the "CDS", CDS + UTRs", and "CDS + UTRs + Introns" options now retrieve the correct sequences.

In addition, numerous minor improvements have been made. Please send any questions or comments on the PomBase web site to us at <helpdesk@pombase.org>.