PomBase website update

Fri, 2013-07-19

We'd like to highlight a few improvements we've just made to the PomBase website. Most of the changes affect the gene pages:

  • The basic information display at the top of each gene page is more compact.
  • For ontology annotations, the number of genes annotated is now shown, in a column labeled "Count" (also, changes behind the scenes involving this data mean that pages should load faster).
  • Annotation extensions for GO are displayed using human-friendly text instead of internal "relation" labels.
  • The Quick Links box can now be collapsed and expanded by clicking its header.
  • Display of modification annotations using PSI-MOD is improved.

In addition, the Motif Search output now includes standard gene names and product descriptions. As we noted in a separate message, CDS coordinate files are once again available from the Downloads, with accurate and up-to-date data.