Ontology term: GO:0003697

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Genes annotated to this term or its descendants: 26

Name Systematic ID Description
cdc23 SPBC1347.10 MCM-associated protein Mcm10
clr4 SPBC428.08c histone H3 lysine methyltransferase Clr4
dmc1 SPAC8E11.03c RecA family ATPase Dmc1
est1 SPBC2D10.13 telomerase regulator Est1
fbh1 SPBC336.01 DNA helicase I, ubiquitin ligase F-box adaptor Fbh1
hnt3 SPCC18.09c aprataxin Hnt3
mcm4 SPCC16A11.17 MCM complex subunit Mcm4/Cdc21
mcm6 SPBC211.04c MCM complex subunit Mcm6
mcm7 SPBC25D12.03c MCM complex subunit Mcm7
nse3 SPCC645.04 Smc5-6 complex non-SMC subunit Nse3
pol1 SPAC3H5.06c DNA polymerase alpha catalytic subunit
pot1 SPAC26H5.06 telomere end-binding protein Pot1
rad13 SPBC3E7.08c DNA repair nuclease Rad13
rad51 SPAC644.14c RecA family recombinase Rad51/Rhp51
rad52 SPAC30D11.10 DNA recombination protein, Rad51 mediator Rad52 (previously Rad22)
rim1 SPAC2F3.04c mitochondrial single-stranded DNA binding protein Rim1
rti1 SPBC119.14 Rad22 homolog Rti1
ssb1 SPBC660.13c DNA replication factor A subunit Ssb1
ssb2 SPCC1753.01c single-stranded DNA binding protein Ssb2
ssb3 SPCC23B6.05c DNA replication factor A subunit Ssb3
sub1 SPAC16A10.02 transcription coactivator PC4
taz1 SPAC16A10.07c human TRF ortholog Taz1
tcg1 SPBC660.11 single-stranded telomeric binding protein Tgc1
thf1 SPBC839.16 C1-5,6,7,8-tetrahydrofolate (THF) synthase, trifunctional enzyme Thf1
tsn1 SPAC30.03c translin
SPBC18H10.17c SPBC18H10.17c mitochondrial recombinase Mhr1 (predicted)