Ontology term: GO:0016887

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Genes annotated to this term or its is_a or part_of descendants: 231

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Name Systematic ID Description
atp9 SPMIT.10 F0-ATPase subunit 9 (predicted)
atp6 SPMIT.07 F0-ATPase subunit 6 (predicted)
atp8 SPMIT.09 F0-ATPase subunit 8 (predicted)
SPAC1F5.10 SPAC1F5.10 ATP-dependent RNA helicase (predicted)
lsh1 SPAC1F5.06 ER heat shock protein Lsh1 (predicted)
prp11 SPCC10H11.01 ATP-dependent RNA helicase Prp11
SPCC1672.11c SPCC1672.11c P-type ATPase P5 type (predicted)
pma2 SPCC1020.01c P-type proton ATPase, P3-type Pma2
vps4 SPAC2G11.06 AAA family ATPase Vps4 (predicted)
mit1 SPBP35G2.10 SHREC complex subunit Mit1
sks2 SPBC1709.05 heat shock protein, ribosome associated molecular chaperone Sks2
rpt2 SPBC4.07c 19S proteasome regulatory subunit Rpt2
mtr4 SPAC6F12.16c ATP-dependent RNA helicase, TRAMP complex subunit Mtr4
nat10 SPAC20G8.09c ribosome biogenesis ATPase
brr2 SPAC9.03c U5 snRNP complex subunit Brr2
fml1 SPAC9.05 ATP-dependent 3' to 5' DNA helicase, FANCM ortholog Fml1
rfc5 SPBC83.14c DNA replication factor C complex subunit Rfc5 (predicted)
pex6 SPAC17A5.01 peroxin-6 (predicted)
grc3 SPCC830.03 polynucleotide kinase Grc3 (predicted)
fap7 SPCC830.11c nucleoside-triphosphatase involved in SSU-rRNA maturation Fap7 (predicted)
mtl1 SPAC17H9.02 TRAMP complex ATP-dependent RNA helicase (predicted)
rad55 SPAC3C7.03c RecA family ATPase Rad55/Rhp55
SPBC16E9.10c SPBC16E9.10c AAA family ATPase Rix7 (predicted)
msh1 SPAC13F5.01c mitochondrial MutS protein Msh1 (predicted)
rhp16 SPCC330.01c Rad16 homolog Rhp16
atp14 SPBC29A3.10c F1-ATPase subunit H (predicted)
mcm5 SPAC1B2.05 MCM complex subunit Mcm5
atp7 SPBC29A10.13 F0-ATPase subunit D (predicted)
atp16 SPBC13E7.04 F1-ATPase delta subunit (predicted)
pkl1 SPAC3A11.14c kinesin-like protein Pkl1
SPAC328.04 SPAC328.04 AAA family ATPase, unknown biological role
tef3 SPCC417.08 translation elongation factor eEF3
SPCC285.03 SPCC285.03 ATP-dependent RNA helicase Dbp6 (predicted)
snf22 SPCC1620.14c ATP-dependent DNA helicase Snf22
atp5 SPCC1840.06 F0-ATPase delta subunit (predicted)
atp4 SPBC1604.07 F0-ATPase subunit (predicted)
ybt1 SPAC9E9.12c ABC transporter Ybt1
vma7 SPBC3B9.18c V-type ATPase V1 subunit F (predicted)
fft2 SPCC1235.05c SMARCAD1 family ATP-dependent DNA helicase Fft2 (predicted)
yta12 SPBC543.09 mitochondrial m-AAA protease Yta12 (predicted)
rpt1 SPBC16C6.07c 19S proteasome regulatory subunit Rpt1 (predicted)
vma10 SPBC1289.05c V-type ATPase V1 domain subunit G (predicted)
prp28 SPCC63.11 U5 snRNP-associated ATP-dependent RNA helicase Prp28 (predicted)
pmr1 SPBC31E1.02c P-type ATPase, calcium transporting Pmr1
yta4 SPCC24B10.10c mitochondrial outer membrane ATPase Msp1/Yta4 (predicted)
sum3 SPCC1795.11 translation initiation RNA helicase Sum3
SPBC582.10c SPBC582.10c ATP-dependent DNA helicase Rhp16b (predicted)
SPCC825.01 SPCC825.01 ATPase, Arb family ABCF1-like (predicted)
hrp3 SPAC3G6.01 ATP-dependent DNA helicase Hrp3
ctf18 SPBC902.02c RFC-like complex subunit Ctf18
SPAC24B11.12c SPAC24B11.12c P-type ATPase (predicted)
orc5 SPBC646.14c origin recognition complex subunit Orc5
lon1 SPAC22F3.06c Lon protease homolog Lon1 (predicted)
rpt3 SPCC576.10c 19S proteasome regulatory subunit Rpt3 (predicted)
bip1 SPAC22A12.15c ER heat shock protein BiP
cdc28 SPBC19C2.01 ATP-dependent RNA helicase Cdc28
mdl1 SPBC9B6.09c mitochondrial peptide-transporting ATPase
rpt4 SPCC1682.16 19S proteasome regulatory subunit Rpt4 (predicted)
SPAPB1A10.06c SPAPB1A10.06c ATP-dependent RNA helicase Dhr1 (predicted)
SPBC4F6.17c SPBC4F6.17c mitochondrial heatshock protein Hsp78 (predicted)
hrp1 SPAC1783.05 ATP-dependent DNA helicase Hrp1
myo2 SPCC645.05c myosin II heavy chain
top1 SPBC1703.14c DNA topoisomerase I
pmd1 SPCC663.03 leptomycin efflux transporter Pmd1
vma13 SPAC7D4.10 V-type ATPase V1 subunit H (predicted)
pku70 SPCC126.02c Ku domain protein Pku70
pdr1 SPAPB24D3.09c ABC transporter Pdr1
rfc1 SPBC23E6.07c DNA replication factor C complex subunit Rfc1
atp17 SPBC1604.11 F0-ATPase subunit F (predicted)
SPBC56F2.07c SPBC56F2.07c ribosome biogenesis factor recycling AAA family ATPase (predicted)
mcm4 SPCC16A11.17 MCM complex subunit Mcm4/Cdc21
rfc3 SPAC27E2.10c DNA replication factor C complex subunit Rfc3
hrq1 SPAC23A1.19c RecQ type DNA helicase Hrq1 (predicted)
SPAC26H5.02c SPAC26H5.02c DNA replication ATPase (predicted)
abc3 SPBC359.05 ABC transporter Abc3, unknown specificity
ynd1 SPCC11E10.05c nucleoside diphosphatase Ynd1
SPAC1093.05 SPAC1093.05 ATP-dependent RNA helicase Hca4 (predicted)
cta3 SPBC839.06 P-type ATPase, calcium transporting Cta3
rvb1 SPAPB8E5.09 AAA family ATPase Rvb1
SPCC737.08 SPCC737.08 midasin (predicted)
hmt1 SPCC737.09c ATP-binding cassette-type vacuolar membrane transporter Hmt1
SPCC1494.06c SPCC1494.06c ATP-dependent RNA helicase Dbp9 (predicted)
vma4 SPAC11E3.07 V-type ATPase V1 subunit E (predicted)
ucp12 SPCC895.09c ATP-dependent RNA helicase Ucp12 (predicted)
rad15 SPAC1D4.12 transcription factor TFIIH complex subunit Rad15
top2 SPBC1A4.03c DNA topoisomerase II
prh1 SPAC2G11.11c ATP-dependent RNA helicase Prh1 (predicted)
rpt6 SPBC23G7.12c 19S proteasome regulatory subunit Rpt6 (predicted)
SPBC15C4.05 SPBC15C4.05 ATP-dependent RNA/DNA helicase (predicted)
atp2 SPAC222.12c F1-ATPase beta subunit Atp2
SPAC821.13c SPAC821.13c P-type ATPase (predicted)
prp22 SPAC10F6.02c ATP-dependent RNA helicase Prp22
SPBC12C2.06 SPBC12C2.06 cytoplasmic ATP-dependent RNA helicase Dbp5 (predicted)
orc1 SPBC29A10.15 origin recognition complex subunit Orc1
cut14 SPBP4H10.06c condensin complex subunit Cut14
vma1 SPAC343.05 V-type ATPase V1 domain, subunit A
ssa2 SPCC1739.13 heat shock protein Ssa2
klp2 SPAC664.10 minus end-directed kinesin-14, Klp2
fft3 SPAC25A8.01c SMARCAD1 family ATP-dependent DNA helicase Fft3
pfh1 SPBC887.14c 5' to 3' DNA helicase, involved in DNA recombination and repair Pif1
SPAC20H4.09 SPAC20H4.09 ATP-dependent RNA helicase, spliceosomal (predicted)
mcm3 SPCC1682.02c MCM complex subunit Mcm3
SPBC25D12.06 SPBC25D12.06 ATP-dependent RNA helicase (predicted)
SPBC14F5.10c SPBC14F5.10c ubiquitin-protein ligase E3 (predicted)
rad51 SPAC644.14c RecA family recombinase Rad51/Rhp51
tlh2 SPBCPT2R1.08c RecQ type DNA helicase Tlh1
rhp26 SPCP25A2.02c SNF2 family helicase Rhp26
cta4 SPACUNK4.07c P-type ATPase, calcium transporting Cta4
tfg2 SPBC1198.13c transcription factor TFIIF complex beta subunit Tfg2 (predicted)
sen1 SPAC6G9.10c ATP-dependent 5' to 3' DNA/RNA helicase Sen1
dmc1 SPAC8E11.03c RecA family ATPase Dmc1
rrp1 SPAC17A2.12 ATP-dependent DNA helicase (predicted)
vma8 SPCC965.03 V-type ATPase V1 subunit D (predicted)
SPAC323.04 SPAC323.04 mitochondrial ATPase (predicted)
pex1 SPCC553.03 AAA family ATPase Pex1 (predicted)
abo2 SPBP22H7.05c ATPase with bromodomain protein (predicted)
rvb2 SPBC83.08 AAA family ATPase Rvb2
bfr1 SPCC18B5.01c brefeldin A efflux transporter Bfr1
rpm2 SPAC637.11 mitochondrial ATP-dependent RNA helicase Rpm2
sec18 SPAC1834.11c secretory pathway protein Sec18 (predicted)
caf16 SPAC20G4.01 CCR4-Not complex subunit Caf16 (predicted)
SPAC4F10.16c SPAC4F10.16c P-type ATPase (predicted)
SPAC1006.07 SPAC1006.07 translation initiation factor eIF4A (predicted)
dbp7 SPBC21H7.04 ATP-dependent RNA helicase Dbp7 (predicted)
rad17 SPAC14C4.13 RFC related checkpoint protein Rad17
tlh1 SPAC212.11 RecQ type DNA helicase
SPCC737.07c SPCC737.07c DNA polymerase alpha-associated DNA helicase A (predicted)
SPCC965.04c SPCC965.04c mitochondrial inner membrane i-AAA protease complex subunit Yme1 (predicted)
rok1 SPAC22F3.08c ATP-dependent RNA helicase Rok1 (predicted)
rfc4 SPAC1687.03c DNA replication factor C complex subunit Rfc4 (predicted)
dna2 SPBC16D10.04c DNA replication endonuclease-helicase Dna2
mug81 SPBC13G1.10c ATP-dependent RNA helicase Slh1 (predicted)
rli1 SPBC14F5.06 iron-sulfur ATPase involved in ribosome biogenesis and translation Rli1 (predicted)
ssc1 SPAC664.11 mitochondrial heat shock protein Hsp70
rlp1 SPBC1685.11 RecA family ATPase Rlp1
atp19 SPAC25H1.10c F0-ATPase subunit K (predicted)
elg1 SPBC947.11c DNA replication factor C complex subunit Elg1
alf1 SPBC947.01 ATP-dependent microtubule severing protein (predicted)
rpt5 SPAC3A11.12c 19S proteasome regulatory subunit Rpt5 (predicted)
vma6 SPAC17A2.03c V-type ATPase V0 subunit d (predicted)
mcm2 SPBC4.04c MCM complex subunit Mcm2
SPBC691.04 SPBC691.04 mitochondrial ATP-dependent RNA helicase Mss116 (predicted)
SPAC27E2.03c SPAC27E2.03c Obg-Like ATPase (predicted)
orc4 SPBP23A10.13 origin recognition complex subunit Orc4
vma2 SPAC637.05c V-type ATPase V1 subunit B
SPAC637.08 SPAC637.08 iron-sulfur cluster assembly ATPase Nbp35 (predicted)
dhc1 SPAC1093.06c dynein heavy chain Dhc1
prp43 SPBC16H5.10c ATP-dependent RNA helicase Prp43
SPAC144.05 SPAC144.05 ATP-dependent DNA helicase/ ubiquitin ligase E3 (predicted)
dbl8 SPBC29A10.10c tRNA-splicing endonuclease positive effector Dbl8
mot1 SPBC1826.01c TATA-binding protein associated factor Mot1 (predicted)
SPBC4F6.07c SPBC4F6.07c ATP-dependent RNA helicase Mak5 (predicted)
snf21 SPAC1250.01 ATP-dependent DNA helicase Snf21
SPAC806.02c SPAC806.02c Par A family ATPase/WD repeat iron cluster assembly fusion protein (predicted)
tfb2 SPBC13G1.13 transcription factor TFIIH complex subunit Tfb2
dbp10 SPAC31A2.07c ATP-dependent RNA helicase Dbp10 (predicted)
upf1 SPAC16C9.06c ATP-dependent RNA helicase Upf1
pku80 SPBC543.03c Ku domain protein Pku80
atp18 SPAC23C4.11 F0-ATPase subunit J (predicted)
SPBC428.15 SPBC428.15 Obg-like ATPase (predicted)
vma9 SPBC1685.16 V-type ATPase V0 subunit e (predicted)
pkp1 SPAC644.11c mitochondrial pyruvate dehydrogenase (lipoamide) kinase Pkp1 (predicted)
SPAPB2B4.04c SPAPB2B4.04c vacuolar calcium transporting P-type ATPase P2 type, Pmc1
ccc2 SPBC29A3.01 copper transporting ATPase Ccc2 (predicted)
abc2 SPAC3F10.11c glutathione S-conjugate-exporting ATPase Abc2
prp16 SPBC1711.17 ATP-dependent RNA helicase Prp16
fbh1 SPBC336.01 DNA helicase I
tco1 SPAC17G6.02c RTA1-like protein
uap56 SPAC17G6.14c ATP-dependent RNA helicase Uap56
rad54 SPAC15A10.03c DNA-dependent ATPase Rad54/Rhp54
dbp3 SPBC17D1.06 ATP-dependent RNA helicase Dbp3 (predicted)
has1 SPAC1F7.02c ATP-dependent RNA helicase Has1 (predicted)
SPAC30.02c SPAC30.02c elongator complex associated protein Kti2 (predicted)
mcm7 SPBC25D12.03c MCM complex subunit Mcm7
tea2 SPBC1604.20c kinesin-like protein Tea2
vma3 SPAC1B3.14 V-type ATPase V0 subunit c (proteolipid subunit)
dbp8 SPBC543.06c ATP-dependent RNA helicase Dbp8 (predicted)
atp1 SPAC14C4.14 F1-ATPase alpha subunit
tim11 SPBC106.05c F0-ATPase subunit E (predicted)
atp3 SPBC1734.13 F1-ATPase gamma subunit (predicted)
atp20 SPAC22F3.07c F0-ATPase subunit G (predicted)
ddx27 SPAC30D11.03 ATP-dependent RNA helicase Ddx27/Drs1 (predicted)
SPBC29A3.09c SPBC29A3.09c AAA family ATPase Gcn20 (predicted)
fft1 SPAC20G8.08c SMARCAD1 family ATP-dependent DNA helicase Fft1 (predicted)
cdc18 SPBC14C8.07c MCM loader
SPBC16H5.08c SPBC16H5.08c ribosome biogenesis ATPase, Arb family ABCF2-like (predicted)
SPBC24C6.02 SPBC24C6.02 ATP-dependent RNA helicase Spb4 (predicted)
ptr8 SPAC17A5.06 transcription factor TFIIH complex ERCC-3 subunit
mam1 SPBC25B2.02c M-factor transporter Mam1
vma11 SPAC732.01 V-type ATPase V0 proteolipid subunit (predicted)
klp9 SPBC15D4.01c kinesin-like protein Klp9
ssa1 SPAC13G7.02c heat shock protein Ssa1 (predicted)
SPAC6C3.06c SPAC6C3.06c P-type ATPase, calcium transporting (predicted)
vma5 SPAPB2B4.05 V-type ATPase V1 subunit C (predicted)
abo1 SPAC31G5.19 ATPase with bromodomain protein (predicted)
SPBC887.12 SPBC887.12 P-type ATPase (predicted)
rrp2 SPBC23E6.02 ATP-dependent DNA helicase (predicted)
atm1 SPAC15A10.01 mitochondrial ABC family iron transporter Atm1
rad50 SPAC1556.01c DNA repair protein Rad50
srs2 SPAC4H3.05 ATP-dependent DNA helicase, UvrD subfamily
pma1 SPAC1071.10c P-type proton ATPase, P3-type Pma1
hsp90 SPAC926.04c Hsp90 chaperone
pms1 SPAC19G12.02c MutL family mismatch-repair protein Pms1
SPBC115.02c SPBC115.02c AFG1 family mitochondrial ATPase (predicted)
SPBC119.15 SPBC119.15 AAA family ATPase at the interface between RNA polymerase II and chaperone (predicted)
ctf8 SPAC19D5.11c DNA replication factor C complex subunit Ctf8 (predicted)
ino80 SPAC29B12.01 SNF2 family helicase Ino80
msh2 SPBC19G7.01c MutS protein homolog 2
dcc1 SPAC31A2.15c Ctf18 RFC-like complex subunit Dcc1
ste13 SPBC776.09 ATP-dependent RNA helicase Ste13
SPBC16D10.08c SPBC16D10.08c heat shock protein Hsp104 (predicted)
dbp2 SPBP8B7.16c ATP-dependent RNA helicase Dbp2
atp15 SPBC31F10.15c F0-ATPase epsilon subunit (predicted)
mcm6 SPBC211.04c MCM complex subunit Mcm6
rad57 SPAC20H4.07 RecA family ATPase Rad57/Rhp57
SPAC823.08c SPAC823.08c ATP-dependent RNA helicase Rrp3 (predicted)
SPAC644.07 SPAC644.07 mitochondrial Rieske ISP assembly ATPase (predicted)
get3 SPAC1142.06 GET complex ATPase subunit Get3 (predicted)
abc4 SPAC30.04c glutathione S-conjugate-exporting ATPase Abc4
cta5 SPAC29A4.19c Ca2+/Mn2+ transporting P-type ATPase P5 type Cta5
swr1 SPAC11E3.01c SNF2 family helicase Swr1
rdh54 SPAC22F3.03c ATP-dependent DNA helicase Rdh54
rqh1 SPAC2G11.12 RecQ type DNA helicase Rqh1
psm3 SPAC10F6.09c mitotic cohesin complex subunit Psm3
cdc48 SPAC1565.08 AAA family ATPase involved in ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation Cdc48
elf1 SPAC3C7.08c AAA family ATPase Elf1
fml2 SPAC20H4.04 ATP-dependent 3' to 5' DNA helicase (predicted)
vph1 SPAC16E8.07c V-type ATPase V0 subunit a (predicted)
vma16 SPAC2C4.13 V-type ATPase V0 subunit c'' (predicted)
rfc2 SPAC23D3.02 DNA replication factor C complex subunit Rfc2
chl1 SPAC3G6.11 ATP-dependent DNA helicase Chl1 (predicted)