hht1 (SPAC1834.04)

Gene Standard Namehht1 Characterisation Statuspublished
Systematic IDSPAC1834.04 Feature Typeprotein coding
Synonyms Name Description
Producthistone H3 h3.1 Product Size136aa, 15.36 kDa
Genomic Location Chromosome I, 4699691-4700560 (870nt); CDS:4699829-4700239 (411nt)

Ensembl Gene Location
GO Molecular Function
Term NameCount
DNA binding383
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
protein binding831
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
GO Biological Process
Term NameCount
cellular response to DNA damage stimulus211
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
chromatin assembly or disassembly56
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
GO Cellular Component
Term NameCount
mating-type region heterochromatin25
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
nuclear nucleosome10
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
nuclear pericentric heterochromatin35
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
nuclear telomeric heterochromatin25
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
Fission Yeast Phenotype Ontology
Gene Deletion Viability: Viable

Population Phenotype

Term IDTerm NameEvidenceAlleleExpressionConditionReferenceCount
FYPO:0000266sensitive to DNA damaging agentsCell growth assayK56R (K56R)PMID:173696117
FYPO:0000267sensitive to ionizing radiationCell growth assayK56R (K56R)PMID:1736961146
FYPO:0002060viable vegetative cell populationMicroscopyhht1ΔNullPMID:204732893759
Microscopyhht1ΔNullPECO:0000005, PECO:0000137PMID:23697806

Cell Phenotype

Term IDTerm NameEvidenceAlleleExpressionConditionReferenceCount
FYPO:0001861increased minichromosome loss upon segregation during vegetative growthPlasmid maintenance assay evidencehht1+ (wild type)OverexpressionPMID:247101269
FYPO:0002177viable vegetative cell with normal cell morphology3089
penetrance FYPO_EXT:0000001Microscopyhht1ΔNullPECO:0000005, PECO:0000137PMID:23697806
Target Of
FYPO affected by mutation in mis18 kinetochore protein Mis18 PMID:19217403
FYPO affected by mutation in scm3 CENP-A chaperone Scm3 PMID:19217403
FYPO affected by mutation in sim3 NASP family CENP-A chaperone PMID:18158900
GO regulated by ams2 cell cycle regulated GATA-type transcription factor Ams2 PMID:17452352
GO regulated by ams2 cell cycle regulated GATA-type transcription factor Ams2 PMID:20230746
GO substrate of ark1 aurora-B kinase Ark1 PMID:11792803
GO substrate of hrk1 haspin related kinase Hrk1 PMID:20929775
GO substrate of rtt109 RTT109 family histone lysine acetyltransferase PMID:17369611
Ensembl transcript structure with UTRs, exons and introns


Exon Start End


Region Coordinates Reference
Protein Features

Graphical View

Ensembl protein image with mapped locations of structural domains

Protein Families and Domains

Feature ID Database InterPro Description Start End Count
PF00125 Pfam IPR007125 Histone core 58 132 11
SM00428 SMART IPR000164 Histone H3 34 136 4
PS00322 Prosite Patterns IPR000164 Histone H3 15 21 3
PS00959 Prosite Patterns IPR000164 Histone H3 67 75 3
PTHR11426 HMMPANTHER IPR000164 Histone H3 1 135 4 Gene3D IPR009072 Histone-fold 2 134 27
SSF47113 SuperFamily IPR009072 Histone-fold 2 133 26
PR00622 PRINTS IPR000164 Histone H3 34 55 4
PR00622 PRINTS IPR000164 Histone H3 114 135 4
PR00622 PRINTS IPR000164 Histone H3 98 114 4
PR00622 PRINTS IPR000164 Histone H3 58 75 4
PR00622 PRINTS IPR000164 Histone H3 17 31 4
PR00622 PRINTS IPR000164 Histone H3 80 98 4
PR00622 PRINTS IPR000164 Histone H3 3 17 4

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Manually Curated Family or Sub-families

Term IDTerm NameReferenceCount
PBO:0000297histone foldTemporary processing gif - replaced by AJAX with count of genes annotated with the term PBO:0000297

Protein Properties

Ave. residue weight 112.92 Da
Charge 21.00
Isoelectric point 11.83
Molecular weight 15.36 kDa
Number of residues 136

Protein Modifications

Term IDTerm NameEvidenceResidueReferenceCount
MOD:00046O-phospho-L-serineexperimental evidenceS11PMID:247631071670
MOD:00427methylated residueNASK9PMID:145613999
present during chromatin silencing at centromere
present during chromatin silencing at centromereNASK14PMID:14561399
Gene Expression

Quantitative Gene Expression

Protein Level

Molecules/Cell (average)ExtensionConditionScaleEvidenceReference
5289during GO:0000080PECO:0000126,
single_cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
5036during GO:0000084PECO:0000126,
single_cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
6570during GO:0000085PECO:0000126,
single_cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
5075during GO:0000087PECO:0000126,
single_cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
5429during GO:0072690PECO:0000126,
single_cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
NDduring cell quiescence following G1 arrest due to nitrogen limitationPECO:0000005,
population_wideexperimental evidencePMID:23101633

RNA Level

Molecules/Cell (average)ExtensionConditionScaleEvidenceReference
28during GO:0072690PECO:0000005,
population_wideexperimental evidencePMID:23101633
2.1during cell quiescence following G1 arrest due to nitrogen limitationPECO:0000005,
population_wideexperimental evidencePMID:23101633
Species Distribution
conserved in fungi4600
conserved in eukaryotes4514
conserved in metazoa3425
conserved in vertebrates3400
conserved in eukaryotes only2497

Manually curated orthologous groups


Orthologs in Compara

Physical Interactions

Source: BioGRID

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Gene Product Evidence Reference
snf21ATP-dependent DNA helicase Snf21 Protein-peptidePMID:22184112
mtl1TRAMP complex ATP-dependent RNA helicase (predicted) Affinity Capture-MSPMID:24713849
bir1survivin, Bir1 Affinity Capture-WesternPMID:20929775
cbf11CBF1/Su(H)/LAG-1 family transcription factor Cbf11 Affinity Capture-MSPMID:22540037
rna1Ran GAP Rna1 Biochemical ActivityPMID:16540522
Reconstituted Complex
rik1silencing protein Rik1 Affinity Capture-WesternPMID:20705239
swi6HP1 family chromodomain protein Swi6 Protein-peptidePMID:22727667
Reconstituted ComplexPMID:21211724
cia1histone chaperone Cia1 Affinity Capture-WesternPMID:22291963
Affinity Capture-MSPMID:21211723
rsc4RSC complex subunit Rsc4 Protein-peptidePMID:22184112
Affinity Capture-Western
bdf2BET family double bromodomain protein Bdf2 Protein-peptidePMID:24013502
spt16FACT complex subunit Spt16 Reconstituted ComplexPMID:18579787
clr4histone H3 lysine methyltransferase Clr4 Protein-peptidePMID:22727667
Reconstituted ComplexPMID:18345014
Biochemical ActivityPMID:23849629
Reconstituted ComplexPMID:16540522
Biochemical Activity
hhp1serine/threonine protein kinase Hhp1 Affinity Capture-MSPMID:24055157
paa1protein phosphatase regulatory subunit Paa1 Affinity Capture-MSPMID:22119525
set2histone lysine methyltransferase Set2 Affinity Capture-WesternPMID:24583182
chp1chromodomain protein Chp1 Protein-peptidePMID:22727667
sim3NASP family CENP-A chaperone Reconstituted ComplexPMID:18158900
Affinity Capture-Western
cwf14G10 protein Affinity Capture-MSPMID:24874881
hhp2serine/threonine protein kinase Hhp2 Affinity Capture-MSPMID:24055157
rmn1RNA-binding protein Affinity Capture-MSPMID:24713849
hrk1haspin related kinase Hrk1 Biochemical ActivityPMID:20929775
Affinity Capture-Western
Genetic Interactions

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Gene Product Evidence Reference
med20mediator complex subunit Med20 Positive GeneticPMID:18818364
SPCC18.13tRNA (guanine-N7-)-methyltransferase subunit Trm82 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
acp2F-actin capping protein beta subunit Acp2 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
par1protein phosphatase regulatory subunit Par1 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
mcl1DNA polymerase alpha accessory factor Mcl1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
ddb1damaged DNA binding protein Ddb1 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
ilv1acetolactate synthase catalytic subunit Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
alg10dolichyl-phosphate-glucose-glycolipid alpha-glucosyltransferase Alg10 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
clr4histone H3 lysine methyltransferase Clr4 Dosage LethalityPMID:16540522
rpt319S proteasome regulatory subunit Rpt3 (predicted) Dosage RescuePMID:24710126
Phenotypic Suppression
rdp1RNA-directed RNA polymerase Rdp1 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
pht1histone H2A variant H2A.Z, Pht1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
cay1cactin, spliceosome complex subunit (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
erp2COPII-coated vesicle component Erp2/3/4 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
hht2histone H3 h3.2 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
rhn1RNA polymerase II transcription termination factor homolog Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
swd1Set1C complex subunit Swd1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
External References
Database Identifier Description
NBRP SPAC1834.04 Fission yeast strain database, National BioResource Project (Japan)
YOGY SPAC1834.04 Retrieval of eukaryotic orthologs (Bähler Lab)
BioGrid SPAC1834.04 BioGRID Interaction Datasets
Expression Viewer SPAC1834.04 Cell Cycle Expression Profile (Bähler Lab)
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Pomb(A) SPAC1834.04 Polyadenylation Viewer (Gullerova lab)
pombeTV SPAC1834.04 Transcriptome Viewer (Bähler Lab)
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GEO SPAC1834.04 GEO profiles
PInt SPAC1834.04 Protein-Protein Interaction Predictor (Bähler Lab)
PeptideAtlas SPAC1834.04 Peptides identified in tandem mass spectrometry proteomics experiments
SYSGRO SPAC1834.04 Fission yeast phenotypic data & analysis
SPD / RIKEN03/03B12Orfeome Localization Data
UniProtKB/SwissProtP09988Histone H3.1/H3.2
ModBaseP09988Database of comparative protein structure models
STRINGP09988Network display of known and predicted interactions and functional associations
RefSeq PeptideNP_594683histone H3 h3.1
RefSeq mRNANM_001020112972h- histone H3 h3.1 (hht1), mRNA
ePDB2DZEThe European PDB
ePDB3G7LThe European PDB
European Nucleotide ArchiveBAA21441.1ENA Protein Mapping
European Nucleotide ArchiveCAA17819.1ENA Protein Mapping
European Nucleotide ArchiveCAA28851.1ENA Protein Mapping
European Nucleotide ArchiveCAA28852.1ENA Protein Mapping
European Nucleotide ArchiveCAB75772.1ENA Protein Mapping
UniParcUPI0000162096UniProt Archive

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