ura3 (SPAC57A10.12c)

Gene Standard Nameura3 Characterisation Statuspublished
Systematic IDSPAC57A10.12c Feature Typeprotein coding
Synonyms Name Description
Productdihydroorotate dehydrogenase Ura3 Product Size443aa, 48.30 kDa
Genomic Location Chromosome I, 1387063-1385357 (1707nt); CDS:1386841-1385510 (1332nt)

Ensembl Gene Location
GO Molecular Function
Term NameCount
dihydroorotate dehydrogenase activity1
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
dihydroorotate oxidase activity1
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
GO Biological Process
Term NameCount
'de novo' UMP biosynthetic process5
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
pyrimidine nucleobase metabolic process13
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
GO Cellular Component
Term NameCount
integral component of membrane1018
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
Fission Yeast Phenotype Ontology
Gene Deletion Viability: Viable

Population Phenotype

Term NameAlleleExpressionCount
growth auxotrophic for uracilura3ΔNull5
resistance to etoposidenot recorded (wild type)14
viable vegetative cell populationura3ΔNull3781

Cell Phenotype

Term NameAlleleExpressionCount
viable vegetative cell with abnormal cell shape472
penetrance FYPO_EXT:0000002ura3ΔNull
viable vegetative cell with normal cell morphology3092
penetrance FYPO_EXT:0000001ura3ΔNull
Ensembl transcript structure with UTRs, exons and introns


Exon Start End


Region Coordinates Reference
Protein Features

Graphical View

Ensembl protein image with mapped locations of structural domains

Protein Families and Domains

Feature ID Database InterPro Description Start End Count
PF01180 Pfam IPR012135 Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase, class 1/ 2 105 430 1
PS00912 Prosite Patterns IPR001295 Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase, conserved site 382 402 1
PS00911 Prosite Patterns IPR001295 Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase, conserved site 140 159 1
PTHR11938 HMMPANTHER 69 441 3 Gene3D IPR013785 Aldolase-type TIM barrel 57 441 35
SSF51395 SuperFamily 71 200 10
SSF51395 SuperFamily 228 431 10
TIGR01036 tigrfam IPR005719 Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase, class 2 94 433 1

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Protein Properties

Ave. residue weight 109.02 Da
Charge 22.50
Isoelectric point 10.23
Molecular weight 48.30 kDa
Number of residues 443

Protein Modifications

Term NameResidueCount
O-phospho-L-serine 1670
present during cellular response to thiabendazoleS168
present during mitotic M phaseS5
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceResidueReference
present during mitotic M phase experimental evidence S5 PMID:21712547
present during cellular response to thiabendazole IDA S168 PMID:18257517
phosphorylated residue 1922
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceResidueReference
NAS PMID:18257517
Gene Expression

Qualitative Gene Expression

RNA leveldecreased during GO:0034599expression microarray evidencePMID:12529438
decreased in presence of cadmium sulfate expression microarray evidencePMID:12529438
decreased during GO:0034605expression microarray evidencePMID:12529438
decreased during GO:0071470expression microarray evidencePMID:12529438
decreased in presence of methyl methanesulfonate expression microarray evidencePMID:12529438

Quantitative Gene Expression

Protein Level

Molecules/Cell (average)ExtensionConditionScaleEvidenceReference
49905during GO:0000080PECO:0000126,
single cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
48560during GO:0000084PECO:0000126,
single cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
53564during GO:0000085PECO:0000126,
single cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
48076during GO:0000087PECO:0000126,
single cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
28276.27during GO:0072690PECO:0000005,
population wideexperimental evidencePMID:23101633
50489during GO:0072690PECO:0000126,
single cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
6506.28during cell quiescence following G1 arrest due to nitrogen limitationPECO:0000005,
population wideexperimental evidencePMID:23101633

RNA Level

Molecules/Cell (average)ExtensionConditionScaleEvidenceReference
29during GO:0072690PECO:0000005,
population wideexperimental evidencePMID:23101633
2.4during cell quiescence following G1 arrest due to nitrogen limitationPECO:0000005,
population wideexperimental evidencePMID:23101633
functionally complements S. cerevisiae URA1partial PMID:1409592
functionally complemented by human DHODHfull PMID:22692683
Disease Association
postaxial acrofacial dysostosis syndrome PMID:226926831
Species Distribution
predominantly single copy (one to one)3092
conserved in fungi4604
conserved in eukaryotes4516
conserved in bacteria1000
conserved in metazoa3432
conserved in vertebrates3407

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Orthologs in Compara

Physical Interactions

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Gene Product Evidence Reference
hhp1serine/threonine protein kinase Hhp1 Affinity Capture-MSPMID:24055157
hhp2serine/threonine protein kinase Hhp2 Affinity Capture-MSPMID:24055157
Genetic Interactions

Source: BioGRID

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Gene Product Evidence Reference
vps35retromer complex subunit Vps35 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
ura4orotidine 5'-phosphate decarboxylase Ura4 Phenotypic SuppressionPMID:23555823
Synthetic Rescue
prp4serine/threonine protein kinase Prp4 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
rik1silencing protein Rik1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
ptc1protein phosphatase 2C Ptc1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
clr4histone H3 lysine methyltransferase Clr4 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
pyp1tyrosine phosphatase Pyp1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
SPCC1450.09cphospholipase (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
lsk1P-TEFb-associated cyclin-dependent protein kinase Lsk1 Positive GeneticPMID:22681890
pef1Pho85/PhoA-like cyclin-dependent kinase Pef1 Positive GeneticPMID:22681890
fta6Sim4 and Mal2 associated (4 and 2 associated) protein 6 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
raf2Rik1-associated factor Raf2 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
ppk14serine/threonine protein kinase Ppk14 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
sty1MAP kinase Sty1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
prp1U4/U6 x U5 tri-snRNP complex subunit Prp1 Positive GeneticPMID:22681890
SPBC16H5.13WD repeat protein, human WDR7 ortholog Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
dsc2Golgi Dsc E3 ligase complex subunit Dsc2 Negative GeneticPMID:21504829
cdk11serine/threonine protein kinase cdk11 Positive GeneticPMID:22681890
mug80cyclin Clg1 (predicted) Positive GeneticPMID:22681890
res1MBF transcription factor complex subunit Res1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
dsc3Golgi Dsc E3 ligase complex subunit Dsc3 Negative GeneticPMID:21504829
Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
clr1SHREC complex subunit Clr1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
syj1inositol-polyphosphate 5-phosphatase (synaptojanin homolog 1) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
rsv2transcription factor Rsv2 Positive GeneticPMID:22681890
tom70mitochondrial TOM complex subunit Tom70 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
ypa1protein phosphatase type 2A regulator, PTPA family Ypa1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
rpl160160S ribosomal protein L13/L16 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
hrr1Helicase Required for RNAi-mediated heterochromatin assembly Hrr1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
dsc1Golgi Dsc E3 ligase complex subunit Dsc1 Negative GeneticPMID:21504829
nrm1MBF complex corepressor Nrm1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
hip4histone promoter control protein Hip4 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
top1DNA topoisomerase I Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
bob1prefoldin subunit 5 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
amk2AMP-activated protein kinase beta subunit Amk2 Positive GeneticPMID:22681890
atg13autophagy associated protein kinase regulatory subunit Atg13 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
dsc5UBX domain containing protein required for Sre1 cleavage Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
SPBPB10D8.02carylsulfatase (predicted) Positive GeneticPMID:22681890
fkbp39FKBP-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
dsc4Golgi Dsc E3 ligase complex subunit Dsc3 Negative GeneticPMID:21504829
prw1Clr6 histone deacetylase complex subunit Prw1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
prz1calcineurin responsive transcription factor Prz1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
vps5retromer complex subunit Vps5 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
gma12alpha-1,2-galactosyltransferase Gma12 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
tsc2tuberin Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
External References
Database Identifier Description
NBRP SPAC57A10.12c Fission yeast strain database, National BioResource Project (Japan)
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SYSGRO SPAC57A10.12c Fission yeast phenotypic data & analysis
SPD / RIKEN20/20F02Orfeome Localization Data
IntEnz1.3.3.1Integrated relational Enzyme database
Rhea1.3.3.1Annotated reactions database
KEGGMAP00240KEGG Pathway Database
UniProtKB/SwissProtP32747Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (quinone), mitochondrial
ModBaseP32747Database of comparative protein structure models
STRINGP32747Network display of known and predicted interactions and functional associations
RefSeq PeptideNP_593317dihydroorotate dehydrogenase Ura3
RefSeq mRNANM_001018748972h- dihydroorotate dehydrogenase Ura3 (ura3), mRNA
European Nucleotide ArchiveX65114ENA EMBL mapping
European Nucleotide ArchiveCAB08175.1ENA Protein Mapping
MetaCycPWY-5686UMP biosynthesis
KEGG_Enzyme00240+ metabolism
UniParcUPI0000132CA0UniProt Archive
UniPathwayUPA00070Pyrimidine metabolism; UMP biosynthesis via de novo pathway; (S)-dihydroorotate from bicarbonate: step 1/3

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