Gene Standard NameUnassigned Characterisation Statusconserved_unknown
Systematic IDSPAC5H10.05c Feature Typeprotein coding
Synonyms Name Description
ProductFAD binding oxidoreductase (predicted) Product Size196aa, 22.10 kDa
Genomic Location Chromosome I, 155583-153070 (2514nt); CDS:155397-154807 (591nt)

Ensembl Gene Location
GO Molecular Function
Term IDTerm NameEvidenceWith/FromReferenceCount
GO:0050660flavin adenine dinucleotide bindingISMPFAM:PF02525GO_REF:000000128
GO Cellular Component
Term IDTerm NameEvidenceWith/FromReferenceCount
Fission Yeast Phenotype Ontology

Population Phenotype

Term IDTerm NameEvidenceAlleleExpressionConditionReferenceCount
FYPO:0002060viable vegetative cell populationMicroscopySPAC5H10.05cΔNullPMID:204732893751
MicroscopySPAC5H10.05cΔNullPECO:0000005, PECO:0000137PMID:23697806

Cell Phenotype

Term IDTerm NameEvidenceAlleleExpressionConditionReferenceCount
FYPO:0001510viable vegetative cell, abnormal cell shape, normal cell size215
expressivity FYPO_EXT:0000003
penetrance FYPO_EXT:0000001
MicroscopySPAC5H10.05cΔNullPECO:0000137, PECO:0000005PMID:23697806
Ensembl transcript structure with UTRs, exons and introns


Exon Start End
Protein Features

Graphical View

Ensembl protein image with mapped locations of structural domains

Protein Families and Domains

Feature ID Database InterPro Description Start End Count
PF02525 Pfam IPR003680 Flavodoxin-like fold 1 182 1
PTHR10204:SF0 HMMPANTHER 1 191 1
PTHR10204 HMMPANTHER 1 191 1 Gene3D 1 192 7
SSF52218 SuperFamily Flavoprotein-like 1 192 7

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Protein Properties

Ave. residue weight 112.78 Da
Charge 0.50
Isoelectric point 6.63
Molecular weight 22.10 kDa
Number of residues 196
Gene Expression

Quantitative Gene Expression

Protein Level

Molecules/Cell (average)ExtensionConditionScaleEvidenceReference
21001during GO:0000080PECO:0000126,
single_cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
21860during GO:0000084PECO:0000126,
single_cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
17187during GO:0000085PECO:0000126,
single_cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
18089during GO:0000087PECO:0000126,
single_cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
20089.48during GO:0072690PECO:0000005,
population_wideexperimental evidencePMID:23101633
18391during GO:0072690PECO:0000126,
single_cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
NDduring cell quiescence following G1 arrest due to nitrogen limitationPECO:0000005,
population_wideexperimental evidencePMID:23101633

RNA Level

Molecules/Cell (average)ExtensionConditionScaleEvidenceReference
1.2during GO:0072690PECO:0000005,
population_wideexperimental evidencePMID:23101633
0.27during cell quiescence following G1 arrest due to nitrogen limitationPECO:0000005,
population_wideexperimental evidencePMID:23101633
possible horizontal transfer18
Species Distribution
no apparent S. cerevisiae ortholog601

Orthologs in Compara

Genetic Interactions

Source: BioGRID

Gene Product Evidence Reference
vps35retromer complex subunit Vps35 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
kin1microtubule affinity-regulating kinase Kin1 Positive GeneticPMID:22681890
atg6beclin family protein, involved in autophagy Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
tos4FHA domain protein Tos4 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
par1protein phosphatase regulatory subunit Par1 Positive GeneticPMID:22681890
External References
Database Identifier Description
NBRP SPAC5H10.05c Fission yeast strain database, National BioResource Project (Japan)
YOGY SPAC5H10.05c Retrieval of eukaryotic orthologs (Bähler Lab)
BioGrid SPAC5H10.05c BioGRID Interaction Datasets
Expression Viewer SPAC5H10.05c Cell Cycle Expression Profile (Bähler Lab)
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Pomb(A) SPAC5H10.05c Polyadenylation Viewer (Gullerova lab)
pombeTV SPAC5H10.05c Transcriptome Viewer (Bähler Lab)
Cyclebase SPAC5H10.05c Cell Cycle Data
GEO SPAC5H10.05c GEO profiles
PInt SPAC5H10.05c Protein-Protein Interaction Predictor (Bähler Lab)
PeptideAtlas SPAC5H10.05c Peptides identified in tandem mass spectrometry proteomics experiments
SPD / RIKEN06/06E01Orfeome Localization Data
UniProtKB/SwissProtQ09677Uncharacterized protein C5H10.05c
ModBaseQ09677Database of comparative protein structure models
STRINGQ09677Network display of known and predicted interactions and functional associations
RefSeq PeptideNP_592818FAD binding oxidoreductase (predicted)
RefSeq mRNANM_001018218972h- FAD binding oxidoreductase (predicted) (SPAC5H10.05c), mRNA
European Nucleotide ArchiveCAA89955.1ENA Protein Mapping
UniParcUPI0000139EFCUniProt Archive

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