ubc4 (SPBC119.02)

Gene Standard Nameubc4 Characterisation Statuspublished
Systematic IDSPBC119.02 Feature Typeprotein coding
SynonymsubcP1 Name Description
Productubiquitin conjugating enzyme E2 Ubc4/UbcP1 Product Size147aa, 16.48 kDa
Genomic Location Chromosome II, 715227-716311 (1085nt); CDS:715333-716226 (894nt)

Ensembl Gene Location
GO Molecular Function
Term NameCount
APC-Cdc20 complex activity12
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
has substrate cdc13
ATP binding559
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
protein binding866
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
ubiquitin conjugating enzyme activity12
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
GO Biological Process
Term NameCount
mitotic sister chromatid segregation193
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
positive regulation of mitotic metaphase/anaphase transition64
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
protein localization to Golgi apparatus13
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
protein N-linked glycosylation36
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
protein polyubiquitination5
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
protein processing36
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
protein ubiquitination involved in ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process15
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
SCF-dependent proteasomal ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process6
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
GO Cellular Component
Term NameCount
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
nuclear SCF ubiquitin ligase complex5
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
Fission Yeast Phenotype Ontology
Gene Deletion Viability: Inviable

Single-allele Phenotypes

Population Phenotype

Term NameGenotypesCount
decreased cell population growth at high temperatureubc4ts (P61S)142
inviable vegetative cell populationΔubcP1 (1-87)1443
normal vegetative cell population growthubc4ts (P61S)763

Cell Phenotype

Term NameGenotypesCount
abnormal cell cycle arrest at mitotic metaphase/anaphase transitionΔubcP1 (1-87)6
abnormal mitotic cell cycleubc4Δ852
abnormal protein glycosylation18
affecting dsc1ubc4-P61S (P61S)
abolished protein ubiquitination7
affecting ubc4L10D (L10D)
cutΔubcP1 (1-87)115
decreased anaphase-promoting complex-dependent proteasomal ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process3
affecting cut2ubc4-P61S (P61S)
affecting cdc13ubc4-P61S (P61S)
decreased protein degradation during mitosis2
affecting cdc13ΔubcP1 (1-87)
affecting cdc13ubcP1-P61S (P61S)
decreased protein localization to Golgi apparatus, with protein mislocalized to endoplasmic reticulum5
affecting dsc2ubc4-P61S (P61S)
decreased protein polyubiquitination2
affecting cdc13ubcP1-P61S (P61S)
decreased protein processing14
affecting sre2ubc4-P61S (P61S)
decreased protein ubiquitination7
affecting ubc4D28A (D28A)
affecting ubc4P121A (P121A)
affecting ubc4N79Y,L119A (N79Y, L119A)
affecting ubc4A124F (A124F)
affecting ubc4L30A (L30A)
affecting ubc4L30A,F31A (L30A, F31A)
affecting ubc4L119A (L119A)
affecting ubc4N79A (N79A)
affecting ubc4P118A (P118A)
affecting ubc4N7D (N7D)
affecting ubc4D116A (D116A)
affecting ubc4D28R (D28R)
incomplete mitotic sister chromatid segregation, with unseparated DNAΔubcP1 (1-87)11
increased protein level during mitotic G1 phase2
affecting cdc13ΔubcP1 (1-87)
inviable after spore germination, without cell divisionubc4Δ490
inviable vegetative cellΔubcP1 (1-87)1288
normal anaphase-promoting complex-dependent proteasomal ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process3
affecting slp1ubc4-P61S (P61S)
normal Dsc complex assemblyubc4-P61S (P61S)3
normal protein ubiquitination5
affecting ubc4H125A (H125A)
affecting ubc4R90A (R90A)
affecting ubc4K128A (K128A)
affecting ubc4S108D (S108D)
affecting ubc4S108A (S108A)
viable elongated vegetative cellubc4Δ305
Target Of
FYPO affected by mutation in ptr3 ubiquitin activating enzyme E1
FYPO affected by mutation in ubc4 ubiquitin conjugating enzyme E2 Ubc4/UbcP1
GO substrate of ptr3 ubiquitin activating enzyme E1
Ensembl transcript structure with UTRs, exons and introns

Transcript Structure

Region Coordinates Reference
Exons715227..715452, 715532..715609, 715981..716311
Intron715453..715531, 715610..715980
5' UTR715227..715332PMID:21511999
CDS715333..715452, 715532..715609, 715981..716226
3' UTR716227..716311PMID:21511999
Protein Features

Graphical View

Ensembl protein image with mapped locations of structural domains

Protein Families and Domains

Feature ID Database InterPro Description Start End Count
PF00179 Pfam IPR000608 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 5 141 12
SM00212 SMART 4 147 14
PS00183 Prosite Patterns IPR023313 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme, active site 74 89 10
PS50127 Prosite Profiles IPR000608 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 4 136 14
PTHR24068 HMMPANTHER 1 146 1 Gene3D IPR016135 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme/RWD-like 1 146 19
SSF54495 SuperFamily IPR016135 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme/RWD-like 1 146 19

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Protein Properties

Ave. residue weight 112.08 Da
Charge 1.00
Codon Adpatation Index 0.46
Isoelectric point 6.93
Molecular weight 16.48 kDa
Number of residues 147
Gene Expression

Quantitative Gene Expression

Protein Level

Molecules/Cell (average)ExtensionConditionScaleEvidenceReference
306990during GO:0000080PECO:0000005,
single cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
315701during GO:0000084PECO:0000005,
single cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
283788during GO:0000085PECO:0000005,
single cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
339257during GO:0000087PECO:0000005,
single cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
42054.17during GO:0072690PECO:0000014,
population wideexperimental evidencePMID:23101633
305467during GO:0072690PECO:0000005,
single cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
33683.72during cell quiescence following G1 arrest due to nitrogen limitationPECO:0000127,
population wideexperimental evidencePMID:23101633

RNA Level

Molecules/Cell (average)ExtensionConditionScaleEvidenceReference
52during GO:0072690PECO:0000014,
population wideexperimental evidencePMID:23101633
8during cell quiescence following G1 arrest due to nitrogen limitationPECO:0000127,
population wideexperimental evidencePMID:23101633
Taxonomic Conservation
conserved in fungi4604
conserved in eukaryotes4514
conserved in metazoa3421
conserved in vertebrates3396
conserved in eukaryotes only2503

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Orthologs in Compara

Physical Interactions

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Gene Product Evidence Reference
forms complex withapc11anaphase-promoting complex ubiquitin -protein ligase E3 subunit Apc11 Reconstituted ComplexPMID:21389117
affinity captured bycul3cullin 3 Affinity Capture-MSPMID:14527422
forms complex withfbh1DNA helicase I, ubiquitin ligase F-box adaptor Fbh1 Reconstituted ComplexPMID:25165823
modified byptr3ubiquitin activating enzyme E1 Biochemical ActivityPMID:23416107
Co-crystal or NMR structureptr3ubiquitin activating enzyme E1 Co-crystal or NMR structurePMID:23416107
Genetic Interactions

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Gene Product Evidence Reference
overexpression rescuesapm1AP-1 adaptor complex mu subunit Apm1 Dosage RescuePMID:24454826
rescuescdc42Rho family GTPase Cdc42 Phenotypic SuppressionPMID:10628977
rescuescia1histone chaperone Cia1 Phenotypic SuppressionPMID:21324894
synthetic growth defect withcia1histone chaperone Cia1 Synthetic Growth DefectPMID:21324894
overexpression rescuescis4cation diffusion family zinc transmembrane transporter Cis4 Dosage RescuePMID:24454826
overexpression rescuesecm33cell wall protein Ecm33 Dosage RescuePMID:24454826
synthetically rescuesmal2kinetochore protein, CENP-O ortholog Mal2 Synthetic RescuePMID:24497846
synthetically rescuesmis6inner centromere protein, CENP-I ortholog Mis6 Synthetic RescuePMID:24497846
synthetically rescuesspc7NMS complex subunit, Spc105/KNL-1 family member, blinkin, Spc7 Synthetic RescuePMID:24497846
phenotype enhanced byubc11ubiquitin conjugating enzyme E2-C, Ubc11/UbcP4 Phenotypic EnhancementPMID:23442800
External References
Database Identifier Description
NBRP SPBC119.02 Fission yeast strain database, National BioResource Project (Japan)
YOGY SPBC119.02 Retrieval of eukaryotic orthologs (Bähler Lab)
BioGrid SPBC119.02 BioGRID Interaction Datasets
Expression Viewer SPBC119.02 Cell Cycle Expression Profile (Bähler Lab)
Expression Viewer SPBC119.02 Meiosis/Sporulation Expression Profies (Bähler Lab)
Expression Viewer SPBC119.02 Pheromone response/mating expression profiles (Bähler Lab)
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Pomb(A) SPBC119.02 Polyadenylation Viewer (Gullerova lab)
pombeTV SPBC119.02 Transcriptome Viewer (Bähler Lab)
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PInt SPBC119.02 Protein-Protein Interaction Predictor (Bähler Lab)
PeptideAtlas SPBC119.02 Peptides identified in tandem mass spectrometry proteomics experiments
SYSGRO SPBC119.02 Fission yeast phenotypic data & analysis
Cyclebase SPBC119.02.1 Cell Cycle Data
SPD / RIKEN32/32A10Orfeome Localization Data
IntEnz6.3.2.19Integrated relational Enzyme database
Rhea6.3.2.19Annotated reactions database
UniProtKB/SwissProtP46595Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 4
ModBaseP46595Database of comparative protein structure models
STRINGP46595Network display of known and predicted interactions and functional associations
RefSeq PeptideNP_595283ubiquitin conjugating enzyme Ubc4
RefSeq mRNANM_001021190972h- ubiquitin conjugating enzyme Ubc4 (ubc4), mRNA
European Nucleotide ArchiveCU329671ENA EMBL mapping
European Nucleotide ArchiveL37384ENA EMBL mapping
ePDB4II2The European PDB
European Nucleotide ArchiveCAA17917ENA Protein Mapping
European Nucleotide ArchiveCAA17917.1ENA Protein Mapping
UniParcUPI0000137961UniProt Archive

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