ptc2 (SPCC1223.11)

Gene Standard Nameptc2 Characterisation Statuspublished
Systematic IDSPCC1223.11 Feature Typeprotein coding
Synonyms Name DescriptionProtein Phosphatase 2C homolog
Productprotein phosphatase 2C Ptc2 Product Size370aa, 40.88 kDa
Genomic Location Chromosome III, 1863661-1866637 (2977nt); CDS:1863757-1864869 (1113nt)

Ensembl Gene Location
GO Molecular Function
Term NameCount
metal ion binding747
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
protein serine/threonine phosphatase activity16
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
GO Biological Process

GO Slim Terms


Term NameCount
cellular response to osmotic stress35
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
endoplasmic reticulum unfolded protein response9
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
inactivation of MAPK activity involved in osmosensory signaling pathway3
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
protein dephosphorylation32
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
GO Cellular Component
Term NameCount
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
Annotation ExtensionEvidenceWith/FromReference
Fission Yeast Phenotype Ontology
Gene Deletion Viability: Viable

Population Phenotype

Term NameAlleleExpressionCount
viable vegetative cell populationptc2ΔNull3781

Cell Phenotype

Term NameAlleleExpressionCount
viable vegetative cell with normal cell morphology3092
penetrance FYPO_EXT:0000001ptc2ΔNull
Ensembl transcript structure with UTRs, exons and introns


Exon Start End


Region Coordinates Reference
Protein Features

Graphical View

Ensembl protein image with mapped locations of structural domains

Protein Families and Domains

Feature ID Database InterPro Description Start End Count
PF00481 Pfam IPR001932 Protein phosphatase 2C (PP2C)-like domain 23 276 6
SM00332 SMART IPR001932 Protein phosphatase 2C (PP2C)-like domain 13 289 7
PS01032 Prosite Patterns IPR000222 Protein phosphatase 2C, manganese/magnesium aspartate binding site 58 66 4
PTHR13832 HMMPANTHER IPR015655 Protein phosphatase 2C 1 351 5 Gene3D IPR001932 Protein phosphatase 2C (PP2C)-like domain 13 294 7
SSF81606 SuperFamily IPR001932 Protein phosphatase 2C (PP2C)-like domain 3 291 7

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Protein Properties

Ave. residue weight 110.48 Da
Charge -17.50
Isoelectric point 4.57
Molecular weight 40.88 kDa
Number of residues 370
Gene Expression

Quantitative Gene Expression

Protein Level

Molecules/Cell (average)ExtensionConditionScaleEvidenceReference
25806during GO:0000080PECO:0000126,
single cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
25541during GO:0000084PECO:0000126,
single cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
27237during GO:0000085PECO:0000126,
single cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
38832during GO:0000087PECO:0000126,
single cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
26563during GO:0072690PECO:0000126,
single cellmass spectrometry evidencePMID:24763107
8405.51during GO:0072690PECO:0000005,
population wideexperimental evidencePMID:23101633
824.56during cell quiescence following G1 arrest due to nitrogen limitationPECO:0000005,
population wideexperimental evidencePMID:23101633

RNA Level

Molecules/Cell (average)ExtensionConditionScaleEvidenceReference
4.4during GO:0072690PECO:0000005,
population wideexperimental evidencePMID:23101633
0.64during cell quiescence following G1 arrest due to nitrogen limitationPECO:0000005,
population wideexperimental evidencePMID:23101633
Species Distribution
predominantly single copy (one to one)3092
conserved in fungi4604
conserved in eukaryotes4516
conserved in metazoa3432
conserved in vertebrates3407
conserved in eukaryotes only2503

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Orthologs in Compara

Genetic Interactions

Source: BioGRID

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Gene Product Evidence Reference
pnk1DNA kinase/phosphatase Pnk1 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
rik1silencing protein Rik1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
bdc1bromodomain containing protein 1, Bdc1 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
rpl430260S ribosomal protein L37a (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
cbs2protein kinase activator (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
SPBC336.13cmitochondrial inner membrane peptidase complex catalytic subunit 2 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
mug123Schizosaccharomyces specific protein Mug123 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
elp3elongator complex subunit Elp3 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
snf5SWI/SNF complex subunit Snf5 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
SPBPB7E8.01Schizosaccharomyces specific protein, predicted GPI anchor Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
ash2Ash2-trithorax family protein Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
mrpl39mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L39 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
otu2ubiquitin specific cysteine protease, OTU family, Otu2 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
csk1cyclin-dependent kinase/ cyclin-dependent kinase activating kinase Csk1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
amo1nuclear rim protein Amo1 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
rpb9DNA-directed RNA polymerase II complex subunit Rpb9 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
SPAC30.02celongator complex associated protein Kti2 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
prz1calcineurin responsive transcription factor Prz1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
clr3histone deacetylase (class II) Clr3 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
mrpl1mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L1 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
mso1endocytic docking protein Mso1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
SPAC22H10.09Schizosaccharomyces specific protein Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
atd1aldehyde dehydrogenase (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
raf2Rik1-associated factor Raf2 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
elp1elongator subunit Elp1 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
cys11cysteine synthase Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
SPBC839.02arrestin Aly1 related, implicated in endocytosis Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
elp6elongator complex subunit Elp6 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
mgr2mitochondrial membrane protein Mgr2 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
SPBC1683.03ctransmembrane transporter (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
cox19mitochondrial respiratory chain complex IV assembly protein Cox19 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
atp11mitochondrial F1-ATPase chaperone Atp11 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
sgf29SAGA complex subunit Sgf29 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
SPBC30B4.06cmitochondrial GIDA family tRNA uridine 5-carboxymethylaminomethyl modification enzyme (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
hrp1ATP-dependent DNA helicase Hrp1 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
SPAC1805.14Schizosaccharomyces specific protein Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
tsc1hamartin Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
ser2phosphoserine phosphatase Ser2 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
srb11cyclin CycC, Srb mediator subunit Srb11 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
deg1tRNA-pseudouridine synthase (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
sdh3succinate dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) cytochrome b subunit (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
SPAC25B8.08conserved fungal protein Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
SPBC1778.05chuman LAMTOR2 ortholog Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
mrf1mitochondrial peptide chain release factor (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
ase1antiparallel microtubule cross-linking factor Ase1 Positive GeneticPMID:18818364
set1histone lysine methyltransferase Set1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
SPBC28E12.04Schizosaccharomyces specific protein Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
snz1pyridoxine biosynthesis protein Positive GeneticPMID:22681890
clr4histone H3 lysine methyltransferase Clr4 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
ftp105Ubp5 interacting protein Ftp105 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
SPCC132.03Schizosaccharomyces specific protein Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
sol1SWI/SNF complex subunit Sol1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
tls1splicing factor Tls1 Positive GeneticPMID:22681890
ubr11UBR ubiquitin-protein ligase E3 Ubr11 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
pmc2mediator complex subunit Pmc2/Med1 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
tom70mitochondrial TOM complex subunit Tom70 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
arp42SWI/SNF and RSC complex subunit Arp42 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
ppr8mitochondrial PPR repeat protein Ppr8 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
sec28coatomer epsilon subunit (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
nro1negative regulator of Ofd1, Nro1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
reb1RNA polymerase I transcription termination factor/ RNA polymerase II transcription factor Reb1 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
tip1CLIP170 family protein Tip1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
swd2Set1C complex subunit Swd2.1 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
scs7sphingosine hydroxylase Scs7 Positive GeneticPMID:22681890
rps2340S ribosomal protein S23 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
SPAC7D4.12cDUF1212 family protein Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
ubp3ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase Ubp3 Positive GeneticPMID:18818364
mad1mitotic spindle checkpoint protein Mad1 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
mid1medial ring protein Mid1 Positive GeneticPMID:22681890
mcl1DNA polymerase alpha accessory factor Mcl1 Positive GeneticPMID:22681890
rcd1RNA-binding protein, CCR4-NOT complex subunit Rcd1 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
mms19Dos2 silencing complex subunit Mms19 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
ptc3protein phosphatase 2c homolog 3 Synthetic Growth DefectPMID:7859738
ptc1protein phosphatase 2C Ptc1 Synthetic Growth DefectPMID:7859738
med13mediator complex subunit Srb9 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
ppr2mitochondrial PPR repeat protein Ppr2 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
ubp7ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase Ubp7 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
res2MBF transcription factor complex subunit Res2 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
apt1adenine phosphoribosyltransferase (APRT) (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
hmt2sulfide-quinone oxidoreductase Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
raf1CLRC ubiquitin E3 ligase complex specificiy factor Raf1/Dos1 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
nas226S proteasome regulatory particle assembly protein Nas2 (predicted) Positive GeneticPMID:22681890
bun107WD repeat protein, human WDR48 family Bun107 Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
trx2mitochondrial thioredoxin Trx2 Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
SPAP8A3.07cphospho-2-dehydro-3-deoxyheptonate aldolase (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:22681890
ufd2ubiquitin-protein ligase E4 (predicted) Negative GeneticPMID:18818364
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UniProtKB/SwissProtQ09172Protein phosphatase 2C homolog 2
ModBaseQ09172Database of comparative protein structure models
STRINGQ09172Network display of known and predicted interactions and functional associations
RefSeq PeptideNP_588356protein phosphatase 2C Ptc2
RefSeq mRNANM_001023347972h- protein phosphatase 2C Ptc2 (ptc2), mRNA
European Nucleotide ArchiveAAA67320.1ENA Protein Mapping
European Nucleotide ArchiveCAA20880.1ENA Protein Mapping
UniParcUPI0000130FDFUniProt Archive

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