Gene Name Conflicts

List of gene names that have been used to refer to two (or more) different genes. Resolution of these conflicts is under consideration by the Gene Naming Committee. Upon conflict resolution, the name will become a secondary name for at least one of the genes for which it has been used (a database search will still retrieve all usages). Systematic IDs, and primary names where available, for the conflictingly-names genes are listed in columns 2 and 4.


Conflict Systematic ID Detail Systematic ID Detail Comments
abc1 abc1/SPBC2D10.18 N Bonnefoy
28 Aug 96
ybt1/SPAC9E9.12c J Davey
11 Nov 96
ade8 ade8/SPBC14F5.09c   ade5/SPCC569.08c   mapped ade5 was misnamed as ade8 from its S. cerevisiae ortholog; ade8 is now designated obsolete for SPCC569.08
car1 bsu1/SPAC17A2.01 Jia et al 1993 car1/SPBP26C9.02c arginase
Van Huffel 1994
sod1 is used for superoxide dismutase (SPAC821.10c) so is a synonym, not a primary name, for SPAC17A2.01
dim1 SPBC336.02 18S rRNA dimethylase
Housen 95
dim1/SPCC16A11.05c U4/U6.U5 snRNP
Berry & Gould 97
gpd1 gpd1SPBC215.05 glycerol-3-p DH
J. Armstrong Oct 90
tdh1/SPBC32F12.11 glyceraldehyde-3-p DH
M. Vai Mar 95
implemented suggestion to make tdh1 primary and gpg1 secondary for SPBC32F12.11
hcs hcs1/SPAC4F8.14c Katayama
Jul 95
SPCC737.07c   Add "1" for consistency
krp1 krp1/SPAC22E12.09c   klp3/SPAC1834.07   krp1 is a synonym for klp3
mip1 pog1/SPCC24B10.22 DNA pol gamma
Copeland Jan 95
mip1/SPAC57A7.11 WD repeat
Yoshinori Sep 99
pab1 pab1/SPAC227.07c phosphatase
Kinoshita 95
(Yanagida lab)
SPAC57A7.04c poly(A) binding
Burd 91
sod2 sod2/SPAC977.10 sodium antiporter
SPAC1486.01 Jeong & Roe
Dec 99
ssp1 ssp1/SPCC297.03 p kinase
Matsusaka Oct 95
ssc1/SPAC664.11 chaperonin
Powell 90
ppa1 ppa1/SPAC823.15 minor serine/threonine protein phosphatase pp2a-1 catalytic subunit
Kinoshita et al Oct 90
SPAC23C11.05 inorganic pyrophosphatase
Kawasaki et al Oct 90
ppa1 not published for SPAC23C11.05 so attached as obsolete gene name
Elongation factor 1 alphas   All old, non-standard names obsoleted. These three kept temporarily to distinguish the three genomic copies. Current conventions need checking (Morimyo paper). (I haven't been able to identify which is which from this as base differences in the sequenced clones or the genome sequence mean they cannot be mapped unambiguously. Needs investigating, our B and C are identical.) SPAC23A1.10 has standard name tef102.
skp1 skp1/SPBC409.05   gsk3/SPAC1687.15   Agreed that skp1 can be used for SPBC409.05
spp1 spf1/SPCC594.05c   spp1/SPAC6B12.10c