Modification Data Submission Form

Use this form to submit published large-scale protein modification data sets to PomBase. (If you have only a few protein modifications in a publication, you may want to curate the paper in Canto.) Submissions should use the Modification Data Bulk Upload Format. For help finding suitable ontology (PSI-MOD) terms to describe your phenotypes, see the Canto protein modification documentation. If you can't find a term you need, email the Helpdesk for assistance; we can advise you, and request new terms as needed.

If you have RNA modification data, please email the Helpdesk.

Once you have completed this form, PomBase curators will respond with information on where to send your file(s).

Please complete this form once for each data file you have to submit.

Enter the name of your data file here. Please include the PubMed ID in the file name. When you submit the form, PomBase curators will send instructions for uploading the file to the data submission FTP site.
Please describe the modification data you would like to submit.