Clone and Mapping Resources

Clone library resources used for sequencing

Obtaining clones:

Clones included in the final sequence are available the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute; send email to


Clone information:

Clone Nomenclature

Library Source




c[alphanumeric] Hoheisal cosmid map Lawrist4 t7 and sp6 PMID:8462094
p[alphanumeric] Hoheisal P1 plasmid map pADSacB10 t7 and sp6 PMID:8462094
c[numeric] Mizukami (CSH) physical map sCos1 t3 and t7 PMID:8462095
pB[alphanumeric] Sanger BAC library     Mike Quail, unpublished
pBACe3.6 t7 and sp6      
pJ[numeric] PCR products      
pT[alphanumeric] telomeric PCR products      
pYU[K/G][numeric] Shpakovski small insert clones     George V. Shpakovski, personal communication
pNSU Small insert clones from a telomere plasmid library     Neil Sugawara (Ph.D. thesis)


Mapping procedures

  • See: The genome sequence of Schizosaccharomyces pombe [PMID:11859360].

Cosmid Assembly Data (tiling path)