Genome Status

Genome Statistics Latest information on the status of the genome
Sequencing Status Contig size, gap status and progress, including centromeres and telomeres
Sequence Updates Changes to the genome sequence since 07/03.
Sequence Updates Pending Pending changes, mainly from the Broad Institute, some supported by data from other sources
Gene Coordinate Changes Changes to coordinates of individual genes since publication
New and Removed Genes Genes identified or removed since publication
Gene Characterisation Current counts of protein coding gene status, as published in small scale experiments
Historical Gene Characterisation Changes in gene characterisation statistics over time
Priority Unstudied Genes Unstudied nuclear genes conserved 1:1 in human

Note: Many older S. pombe sequence submissions to the DNA databases (International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration databases, i.e. ENA, GenBank, DDBJ) contain one or more errors, and we do not have the resources to maintain past sequences or flag every error in PomBase.